Most of us have an iPhone 6s but we gradually see the device throttling. It just means that your phone’s system performance gradually starts decreasing. Generally, each battery has a life of its own and it’s called a battery cycle.

When you keep using your phone, it’s common for your battery to give you less power, slower charging, and throttling after a while. If you decided to buy a brand new iPhone just because you couldn’t find the right iPhone 6s battery replacement, it’s going to be an expensive option. 

But don’t worry! We’ve tried and tested all kinds of battery replacement for iPhone 6s to compile a list of the best options you can find. In fact, we’ve also tested out iPhone 6s screen replacement kits previously. Do check it out if you need one!

Best iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Kits to Buy

Here are the best iPhone 6s battery replacement kits that you should definitely consider.  

#1. Ibestwin 

Ibestwin is known for producing smart batteries that have good quality and good shelf life. Ibestwin also produces batteries that have 12.2% more power than your standard iPhone 6s batteries. It also lasts up to 800 cycles which is considerably more than our standard iPhone 5s battery. 

This battery replacement kit comes with a video guide that helps you install the battery in less than 15 minutes. When we installed this battery in, quite a few hours after using, the significance of the premium A battery cell is quite obvious. The smart chip installed in the battery ensures there isn’t any kind of overcharging or overheating issues. 

#2. Vasea

This battery replacement kit for iPhone 6S is by Vasea. This kit comes with a 2280mAh battery and also has a complete screwdriver kit. This battery lasts for over 700 battery cycles which is quite impressive. Not only is the screwdriver kit useful for replacing the battery but it is also useful to repair your phone next time.

Even after using it extensively, we noticed that it didn’t have any overheating or overcharging. This was quite a good point considering the number of batteries we’ve tried. However, the only con with this replacement kit is that it only comes with a 3-month warranty. 

#3. Loctus 

With a Loctus replacement kit, customers get a high capacity 2200mAh battery and a spare tool kit. The tool kit contains a set of spare screws, adhesives, and spare tools.  This helps customers when they lose a screw or have trouble using their old screws on the phone. 

The battery has been tested under strict quality control standards and ensures that it takes responsibility for any issues. Not only is it tested but it’s also UL and FCC certified along with EMC compliance. The battery has over 2 years warranty which can be quite useful along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

#4. LHCD 

LHCD gives a 2300 mAh battery replacement kit for iPhone 6s. It comes with a Grade A+ battery that is hand and machine tested. When we tried out this battery, we thought that it was too good to be true.

However, the higher capacity battery is much more powerful when compared to the standard battery, it has a better life. It’s easy to install considering the compact set of repair tools and adhesives that comes with the kit. 

LHCD also offers a 2-year warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee. This is a reliable battery replacement kit that’s used by quite a lot of iPhone users.

#5. Aslanka 

Aslanka is a trusted iPhone battery manufacturer. Aslanka provides a high capacity 2200mAh battery along with a repair kit. It also includes a comprehensive set of instructions that anyone can easily understand to replace their battery. These batteries when tested were quite durable when compared to the standard battery. 

The battery is certified and has improved capacity in comparison to other companies. It has a good usage time and comes with good battery cycles. 

#6. Beso

This battery replacement kit by Beso is a comprehensive kit that comes with a strong 2800mAh battery, a complete tool kit, and clear instruction. It has a Li-Polymer battery that’s quite powerful when compared to the other 2200mAh battery that is offered by most manufacturers in this sector.

Many tools that we’ve tried out weren’t as compact and easy as the ones in this kit. They have gripped textures that let you use them more efficiently. It also comes with a 24-month warranty and 30-day refund that will replace your battery with no questions asked. 

#7. Daxtromin 

The Daxtromin replacement battery kit for the iPhone 6s is a reliable kit that comes with a high capacity 2200mAh battery. The battery has been tested under quality control standards and also comes with its own set of tools to help you replace it.  This battery also comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee with no question asked.  

This has to be a trustworthy product considering that it had no overheating or overcharging issues. However, we advise you to kindly check your phone model on the back of your phone before purchasing the battery. In this case, this product supports models A1586, A1589, and the A1549. 

#8. ScandiTech Battery iP6S

ScandiTech battery kit comes with a high capacity Li-ion battery that’s known to provide 10-12% more power than your standard iPhone battery. It also comes with an online guide that was quite helpful when we tried replacing the battery. 

This zero cycle battery is the best product to replace your iPhone 6S’ battery. However, it’s quite disappointing that they only provide a one-year warranty when compared to other manufacturers. 

How to Replace your iPhone 6s Battery (DIY)

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started. 

  1. Make sure you read the guides and instruction manual that comes with the battery kit. 
  2. Power off your iPhone and start disassembling it with the tools provided in the kit. 
  3. Now, you want to carefully remove the battery and replace it with the new battery. 
  4. You might need to use a lot of adhesive here to ensure that the water protection isn’t compromised. 
  5. Now, once you’re done, you can seal your phone back up and start using it. 

It might seem frightening at first, but if you can go through all the instructions provided with your battery replacement kit, it’s easy.

Watch this video to understand the battery replacement process in a simple way.  


Since we’ve gone over all the kinds of batteries that are out there for the iPhone 6s, we can now look at some of the common questions asked by iPhone users. 

1. Is it worth replacing the battery on iPhone 6s?

If you are an iPhone 6s user who isn’t getting at least 12 hours of battery with minimal usage, then it’s time to consider replacing the battery. You don’t need to shell out a lot on a new phone. Instead, you can spend a decent $20 – $50 to get your iPhone 6s back to its optimal power. 

2. How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 6s battery?

If you consider going down to the App Store, then it’s sure to cost somewhere between $50 to $100. However, if you’re someone who likes to do things by yourself and save money in the process, then you can replace it at home for as little as $20. 

3. Can I replace my iPhone 6s battery myself? 

Yes, you can. It might seem frightening to think of cracking your phone open to replace the battery. However, decent battery replacement kits come with a comprehensive guide that’s quite helpful. All you need to do is follow it step by step. 

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Closing Thoughts

Your iPhone 6s needs a good battery to ensure that you don’t have any problems. We’ve reviewed the top battery replacement kits and we loved Ibestwin. Not only does it have a 12.2% better power than our standard battery but it’s affordable and is easy to install.

The products we’ve mentioned above are tried and tested by hundreds of customers. We research and ensure to provide you the best products that you can find. 

We love hearing what our readers think. We’d always be happy to help you in our comment section below if you have any issues replacing your phone’s battery. If we’ve missed out anything, do let us know and be sure to tell us which battery you loved. Stay tuned to Replacement Expert for more such reviews! 

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