Watches today, aren’t your ordinary chronograph watches. These days, we find all kinds of different smartwatches bulked with some impeccable features. Can you imagine sitting in a meeting and not being able to turn your Apple Watch Series 3 on? How embarrassing would it be if the battery died out on you? Or, when you’re taking a walk and the GPS turns off? 

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, it’s crucial to have an Apple Watch Series 3 that works. We know how busy you are, so we won’t ask you to march down all the way to an Apple Store to get your battery replaced. Instead, we’ll tell you the best ways you can replace your Apple Watch Series 3 battery in your home, in less than 30 minutes. 

Before we move on to the best Apple Watch Series 3 battery replacement kits, here are a few answers to the plenty of thoughts running in your head. 

Is this the right time to replace Apple Watch Series 3 battery?

Ideally, your Apple Watch Series 3 battery should last you a good 18 hours throughout the day. Many times, we often think that the watch’s battery runs out  or doesn’t hold its charge because of an update or glitches. That’s not usually the case. 

Batteries tend to run out after their cycles are over. This is when you notice a decrease in brightness, its standby time, its charge-time and also the life. This is when you need to consider replacing your iWatch Series 3’s battery. 

How much does it cost to replace an Apple Watch 3 battery?

When it’s anything related to replacement of any part in our electronic gadget, the first thought that pops into our minds is the price. We at understand how much saving every single penny means to you and this is why we’ve found the most viable solutions for you. 

The warranty on the Apple Watch doesn’t cover the normal wear of the battery. So it should cost around $80 to $100, approximately to replace the battery in your Apple Watch Series 3.

But don’t worry as we’ve found the 5 best Apple Watch Series 3 battery replacement options that you can get for anywhere between $15 to $20. This will save you the time and effort to go down to the store and some dollars as well. 

5 Best Apple Watch Series 3 Battery Replacement Kits

Here are the five best battery replacements for Apple Watch Series 3. 

#1. oGoDeal

This battery replacement kit by OGoDeal is great for replacing a dead or damaged Apple Watch Series 3’s battery. This Li-ion battery has around 279 mAh and has a great battery life for your watch. 

You can replace any 38mm Apple Watch 3’s battery. Sometimes, replacing batteries in an Apple Watch Series 3 can be tough. This is why it’s crucial to have precision compact tools for the job. This replacement kit by oGoDeal provides you with a comprehensive kit that’s not only useful for installing the battery but it can also help you from damaging your watch during the installation process. 

Another great thing about this battery replacement kit by oGoDeal is that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can always return it when you feel it’s not working that great. 


  • The battery has a good capacity of 279 mAh. 
  • Comes with a decent tool kit and adhesives

Compatible with:  

  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular all models of A1860, A1889, A1890.


The battery replacement by E-YIIVIIL is a compact kit that is bound to do your watch a whole world of good. It’s a zero cycle battery that comes with a capacity of 279 mAh. The Li-ion battery is tested and is certified to avoid any sort of overcharging, overheating or any short circuit events. 

The replacement kit by E-YIIVIIL is a great choice for those looking to replace a dead or damaged battery. This battery can add a lot of life to your Apple Watch and the installation process is a breeze. 

The kit comes with a compact set of tools and adhesives. These adhesives are strong and can help you restore the water-proof sealing of the Apple Watch. 


  • Comes with a repair kit
  • Zero cycle li-ion battery
  • Includes quality 3M adhesives

Compatible with:  

  • Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS + Cellular Version MQJU2LL/A, MQKW2LL/A, MQKV2LL/A, and MR2W2LL/A 

#3. Upplus

This battery replacement kit by Upplus is another trustworthy Li-ion battery that comes packed with capacity of 279 mAh.The battery is tested and certified by experts before being shipped out. Not only is it a reliable battery but it can also last for about 18 hours per day. 

Upplus batteries also come with a reliable tool kit and adhesives that are great to install  the battery. The battery by Upplus is a good battery considering that it matches the power and life of the original Apple Watch Series 3 battery. 


  • A comprehensive toolkit and adhesives are included
  • Tested and certified before shipping.


  • Doesn’t include an installation guide
  • Doesn’t have any warranty 

Compatible with:  

  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Version A1848 


This is another reliable product from E-YIIVIIL. The brand is known for producing quality batteries for Apple Watches. This is a Li-ion battery with around 270 mAh capacity. It has a run-time of about 18 hours and can last a whole day comfortably. 

The battery is tested and certified to avoid any kind of short circuit, overcharging, and overcharging issues. It’s a great replacement for any dead, damaged or reluctant battery. 

The battery also has an in-built microchip that ensures a longer life and has around 500 charge cycles. This is a better battery life when compared to the standard Apple Watch’s battery. 


  • Battery with 500 charge cycles
  • Integrated micro-chip
  • Tested and certified before shipping


  • Does not include an installation guide
  • Does not have any information on warranty

Compatible with:  

  • Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS


There’s no surprise to see another great offering by E-YIIVIIl in this list. This battery is a li-ion that has around 270 mAh. The battery is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version. 

The batteries offered by E-YIIVIIL are not only useful but they’re of good quality. These batteries are tested, certified, and also come with a built-in microchip that ensures they have a long life. The batteries don’t have any issues like overheating, overcharging or short circuits. 

The battery replacement kit includes a set of tools and quality 3M adhesives for a safe installation. Although, it’s a pity that it doesn’t come with an installation guide or instruction manual. 


  • Battery with 500 charge cycles
  • Integrated micro-chip
  • Tested and certified before shipping


  • Does not include an installation guide
  • Does not have any information on warranty

Compatible with:  

  • Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version

How to replace your Apple Watch Series 3 battery

Now that we’ve gone over the best battery replacement kits for Apple Watch Series 3, let’s look at how to install the battery into your iWatch 3. Since the watch itself is quite small and fragile, it’s advisable to be very careful while replacing the battery. You’d need to ensure that you’re always following all the steps meticulously. 

All the tools included in this process can be found in the battery replacement kit, itself. 

Step 1: Power off your Apple Watch

Before you start repairing any electronic gadget, it’s crucial to ensure that you turn the power off. Take your watch off the charger and shut it down. Try to ensure that it’s safely turned off before proceeding to the next step. 

Step 2: Opening the Panel

To open the panel, you’d need to apply heat sometimes. For this, you can use a standard hair dryer from your home and slightly warm the face of the watch till it’s just a little hot to touch. When you apply heat, the adhesives underneath the watch’s face will slowly melt, helping you pry off the back without any problem. 

Step 3: Carefully open the panel

You’d want to be extremely careful while removing the panel since the gap is very thin. The tool kit comes with a blade that you can use to slowly inch into the watch to remove the panel.


  • Be careful to protect your finger from the knife or the blade because it might be too sharp. Wearing a glove can protect you. 
  • Do not apply too much pressure because the blade might slip and hurt you. Or, it could also break the glass. 

Step 4: Pry off the screen

Use the thin curved blade to slowly inch into the gap. You’d want to start prying at the short edge of the display. Press firmly into the gap and slowly tilt the blade to remove the display. 

Step 5: Use the curved tool

When you increase the thin gap between the display and the watch, you can use the curved tool to lift the screen off. If you don’t have the curved tool, you can carefully use the blade or the curved knife. 

Step 6: Remove the adhesive

Once you lift the display at about 45 degrees, you’ll notice that there is adhesive around the lining of the watch. This adhesive is what protects the watch’s inner parts from any water damage when it comes in contact with water. You can use the knife or a thin blade to carefully remove all the adhesives. Be careful to not damage any cables while removing the adhesives. 

Step 7: Remove the metal cover

Use the tri-pin screwdriver to remove the main screw that secures the main metal cover plate. This plate needs to be removed carefully. You can use a pair of tweezers to remove the cover plate and open the plate all the way. This way, when you unhinge the flaps, you can close it just about half the way and remove it by lifting it out. 

Step 8: Disconnect the battery

The battery has two main connectors that are usually blue in color. You would want to carefully disconnect the connectors before removing the battery completely. You can lift the connectors straight up and disconnect the battery. Once you do, this you can securely remove the battery. 

Step 9: Replace the battery

You can now open your battery replacement kit that you’ve chosen and insert the battery in. When you insert the battery, you can connect the connectors back in their place.

Step 10: Install the metal cover plate

Install the metal cover plate using the tri-pin screwdriver and screw it back on. Once you have that secured. You can apply adhesive around the lining before sealing the watch. 

Step 11: Seal the Watch completely

When you are done inserting the adhesive along the lining, you can use your thumb and firmly press down on the watch’s display to push it back into place. This is when you’ll hear a click sound on all sides and you’ll know that you have replaced your battery. 

Alternatively, if you’re unsure about how to do this, you can also watch this video for a better insights. 

Was it Easy to Replace Apple Watch 3 Battery?

It can be daunting to replace your iWatch Series 3’s battery since it’s so tiny and fragile. However, the process is quite simple and easy to do at home. Anyone can follow the instructions and complete the installation of the battery. 

Not only can you save money but you can also save the time and effort of going down to the store, also not to mention the money you’ll save. We love the battery replacement kits by E-YIIVIIL. Their kits are professional, of high quality, and are great to use. They also provide reliable customer service support in case you have any issues with the product. 

Let us know which battery is going to be your choice and also, why in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts as it will only improve our article.

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