If you’re someone who has a Samsung refrigerator with a built-in ice maker and water dispenser, then you’ll understand how crucial it is to ensure that your family has fresh and clean water to drink.

In general, Samsung refrigerator water filters need to be changed once every 6 months or after 200 or 300 gallons of water. It’s also equally important to find the right water filter for your refrigerator.

Having said that, it can be quite difficult to find the right one considering the number of models and varieties available. We can help you get the best Samsung refrigerator water filter replacements, which will not only be an economical choice but will also improve the quality of drinking water. 

How to Buy Correct Water Filter for Samsung Refrigerator?

When you look at your refrigerator’s water filter, you’ll notice that it has a specific model number. It’s not a huge worry if you cannot find the water filter with the exact model number. Several models are compatible with a particular water filter. 

However, we’ve compiled a list of three common Samsung refrigerator water filters. And, for each water filter, we’ve listed five best compatible water filters. 

This way, you can pick the most feasible and the most economical option for your refrigerator. 

How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung Refrigerator?

There’s nothing technical about replacing the water filer in your Samsung Refrigerator. Here’s how you can do it.

Note:The placement of the water filter in the refrigerator might vary from one model to another.

So have a look at this video to know how to replace water filter in your Samsung Refrigerator within a matter of minutes!

Best Water Filters for Samsung Refrigerators

Here are the best Samsung refrigerator water filter replacement options for three different models. Check them out and pick the one which is compatible with your refrigerator.  

#1. Samsung Refrigerator DA29-00020B Water Filter Replacement

When you’re looking to change your water filter, you must choose the best one that is compatible with your refrigerator. If you’re looking for the Samsung DA29-00020B Water Filter, then here are the five best compatible refrigerator water filters. 


This water filter is a great component for your refrigerator. Not only does it have the NSF certifications to standards 42, 53, and 401, but it also removes up to 99% of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

It also has a high-grade carbon block that can remove up to a ninety-nine percentage of contaminants. It can last you a good six months and also protect the components of your refrigerator from potential sediments. 


This water filter by Pureline is a great product that uses advanced carbon blocks that contain active coconut carbon. It can effectively purify water using the micro-pores of the filter. This filtration is completely different from what other brands offer. The triple action filtration technology purifies water through separate stages of ionization filtration. 

It is known to remove over 26 different contaminants and 95% of heavy metals present in water. It can also remove up to 95% of minerals and sediments. The filters by Pureline have been tested and certified by NSF, IAPMO, and WQA. 

The 100% no-leakage compatibility makes this water filter a great alternative and a much more efficient filter to your Samsung’s original refrigerator’s water filter. 


When you choose a refrigerator water filter from Waterdrop, you can be sure that you’ll get clean water. Waterdrop water filters have advanced water filtration technology and are fully certified by NSF for standard 42. 

Not only can they remove 97% of chlorine, but also eliminate the risk of bad taste and odor in the water. It also has NSF 372 certification that ensures to remove any lead and will last for a good 6 months. 

The design is quite compact and it fits in your refrigerator perfectly. Waterdrop uses active coconuts sourced from Sri Lanka which provide clean water and expert filtration when added to the carbon block.


Waterspecialist is another trusted brand that ensures to provide NSF 42 certified-grade water filters. They are capable of removing up to 98% of chlorine, cysts, lead, bad taste, and bad odors. 

This water filter retains quality minerals while removing the impurities in water. It’s an expert in providing users with superior quality filtered water. The filter life is of 6 months when it reaches 300 gallons, whichever happens first. 

The carbon block is also capable of removing up to 98% of impurities and it’s capable of protecting various components of your refrigerator from any sediments. 

Glacier Fresh

The Glacier Fresh refrigerator water filter is our favorite. The water filter’s materials and components are in line with the NSF 42 standards.

It has improved the taste of the water and the smell. It comes with a standard 6-month or 300-gallon filter life. The easy push-in feature makes it a breeze to replace the water filter. 

This filter also removes any unwanted impurities like lead, chlorine, cysts, and metals. It’s capable of retaining nutrients and minerals to provide the best-filtered water for your family. 

#2. Samsung Refrigerator DA29-00003G Water Filter Replacement

If you’re looking for the Samsung  DA29-00003G Water Filter, then here are the five best compatible refrigerator water filters. 


This water filter by Aquacrest has immense popularity among refrigerator water filters. It is a heavily tested and certified model of NSF standards 42 and 372. It’s capable of eliminating up to 98% of chlorine and the water also has improved taste and smell. 

It can also remove lead and unwanted heavy metals up to 97%. Aquacrest provides best-filtered water free from contaminants and impurities for a fraction of the cost. 

Apart from the basic protection against contaminants, it’s also known to retain minerals essential for clean water. 


This Samsung water filter has a super high-grade carbon block that removes over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants from water. It can also drastically improve the taste of freshwater. 

It has the standard NSF certifications of 42 and 372 that can drastically remove lead up to 98%. 

With the Samsung water filter, you can retain the minerals in the water and also any unwanted metallic components in the water. 


The Waterspecialist refrigerator water filter is NSF 42 and 372 certified. It’s a great way to remove over 98% of chlorine, taste, and odd odors. 

It’s known to retain essential minerals while also removing unnecessary aesthetic elements from the water. 

We loved how Waterspecialist also offers a 30-day return and 90-day replacement guarantee for this water filter. It’s a great product for those families who are dedicated to providing quality and superior grade water for their children.


The Icepure refrigerator water filters are first-in-class. They’re tested and certified up to NSF standards of 42 and 372. 

They’re capable of drastically reducing the chlorine content up to 98% and also can significantly improve the taste and smell of the water. Against the NSF 372, they can remove lead and also remove harmful substances in this filter. 

Icepure water filters also contain the European EC1934-2004 regulations along with the Australian watermark. With a six-month return policy, users can be assured of the filter life. 


The Waterdrop water filter is fully certified with NSF standards of 42 and 372. This certifies that the water filter is tested and can remove up to 98% of chlorine. It also improves taste, removes odor, rust, corrosion, sediments, and also retains minerals. 

It’s capable of removing lead for up to 99% thus giving you lead-free pure water.  The filter life is also guaranteed to last a full six months or for 300 gallons of water. 

The expert designs make it easy to fit into your refrigerator. All the filters have carbon blocks with activated coconut that ensure the best filtration of water. 

#3. Samsung Refrigerator DA97-17376B Water Filter Replacement

If your refrigerator’s water filter’s model is DA97-17376B, then you can use these following water filter replacements for your refrigerator.


The Waterspecialist is a trusted brand that sells great water filters. This filter especially is known for its great performance. Not only does it potentially reduce harmful contaminants but it also improves the taste of the water. 

The filter is made to remove any odor, mercury, carbofuran, and chlorine. The water filter also provides a superior grade of filtered water. The filter also comes with a 300 gallon or six-month filter life, whichever happens first. 

The Waterspecialist filter is also NSF certified by standards 372 and 42 which is quite a great factor for choosing a filter. They provide great customer service provided you have any doubts during installation or while using the filter. 


Samsung water filters have a great rate of reducing contaminants and provide fresh-tasting water. They provide a filter life of six months and use a high-grade carbon block and are capable of removing up to 99& of the impurities in water. The water filters are tested and certified to NSF standards. 

Not only are they easy to install but they also provide high-quality purified water. The water filters are also known to remove any excess odor or bad taste. 


This water filter by Pureplus is quite a robust water filter that has been tested and certified to various safety standards. The filter is certified by IAPMO and is known to improve the taste of water by removing odor and 99% of chlorine. 

The most innovative part of the water filter is that it has a multiple-layer integral forming technology. Not only can it reduce sediment, rust, and other heavy metals in the water. This is an important factor in water filters. 

The water filters also meet the European regulations, Australian WaterMark, and are BPA certified. Pureplus also provides a 6-month service life and a 6-month return policy. This is quite reliable as far as water filters are concerned. 


Crystala water filters have an efficient filter that minimizes any sort of leakage and odor. They are tested to certify NSF 42 which means they can remove more than 98% of chlorine, sediments, and other impurities in the water. 

The filter life of this filter is around 6 months and has a capacity of filtering around 300 gallons of water. Crystals also offer great quality service and are tested to be robust, strong, advanced, and of great quality. 


Aquacrest water filters provide higher quality and higher standard of water filters for an affordable price. These filters are certified with NSF standards and can effectively reduce the chlorine content by up to 97%. They also remove quantities of benzene, sand, rust and other sediments. 

These are a great choice since they have a high-grade carbon block that utilizes electro-kinetic absorption to filter the water. The active carbon particles in the filter are also known to effectively reduce the pollutants in water. 

Like other filters, they also provide a good filter life of 6 months and the company also provides a good service guarantee with all their filters. 

Which Samsung Refrigerator Filter Brand is Your 1st Choice?

It’s crucial to find a proper water filter that is suitable for your family’s needs. We’ve tried to find the best options that are suitable for your refrigerator’s water filter. The brands that are listed in this article have the best features and stand out as the highest-quality water filters. 

We love the water filters that are provided by the Waterspecialist because they’re designed by experts and are highly-durable, and certified water filters. 

Let us know in comments which water filter you’re going to get for your Samsung refrigerator. If you want us to add any specific water filter or a refrigerator model, do let us know and we will get it done! 

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