Let’s face it, no laptop is perfect. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or even just a rising entrepreneur, a MacBook is our daily gadget. It can be excruciatingly painful when we have an important office meeting online or we’re catching up on our favorite TV series, and our laptop keeps running out of battery. Well, to get rid of such problems, we’ve reviewed some of the best MacBook Air battery replacements for 13-inch and 11-inch models so that you don’t have to miss out on any little pleasures in life. 

But before moving on to the MacBook Air battery replacement reviews, you must know when to change or replace it. 

When Should You Replace Your MacBook Air Battery?

How do you know that you need to replace your MacBook Air’s battery? Well, it’s quite simple. When you open up your MacBook Air, you’ll see an option in the inbuilt tool that tells you the health of your battery. When you notice that the health of the battery says, “Replace battery” or “Replace battery now”, that’s when you need to definitely think of getting a battery replacement for your MacBook Air. 

Apart from that, if your MacBook Air’s battery is getting overheated or if the charge isn’t holding up, then it’s time to consider changing the battery.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of top five battery replacements for MacBook Air of 13-inches and 11-inches each. 

Best MacBook Air 13-inch Battery Replacement

Here are some of the top battery replacements for MacBook Air 13-inch.

#1. NinjaBatt

The NinjaBatt always provides a reliable premium quality battery for your MacBook Air. This kit comes with a Li-po battery that has a rating of 55wH/7.6v. The company ensures that its batteries are tested and meet the necessary OEM specifications. 

Not only are the batteries made from high-grade materials but they are also packed with safety features and offer a better life. It has a true charge capacity that will keep your laptop going for a long time. 

The NInjabatt is one of those batteries that comes jam-packed with safety features and has almost 500 charging cycles. The company’s 12-month warranty is also an icing on the cake so that you can buy it with confidence. 

Compatible with:  

  • MacBook Air 13 Inch A1369 (Late 2010, Mid 2011) 
  • A1466 (Mid 2012, Mid 2013, Early 2014, Early 2015 and 2017) 
  • A1496, A1405, A1377, MJVE2LL/A


The SNSYIY replacement battery is quite a worthy product on this list. The battery is a high-grade li-polymer that has a capacity of 7200mAh and the usual voltage of 7.6V. The most notable feature in this battery is that the electric core is of a Japanese origin and has around 98% of cobalt proportion. 

In simple terms, this is a battery that’s worth considering when you’re looking for a premium battery. The battery is not only tested and RoHS-certified but it has around 500 cycles which are quite long. 

We loved how the replacement kit includes 2 screwdrivers, a keyboard protective film, and a little helper mat for when you replace your battery. The brand itself is quite trustworthy as they also back their product up with a 25-month warranty. 

Compatible with:  

  • MacBook Air 13 inch A1369(Late 2010, Mid 2011) 
  • A1466(Mid 2012, Mid 2013, Early 2014, Early 2015, 2017)

#3. E Egoway

E Egoway produces quality batteries that have a high capacity of 7200mAh. This li-polymer battery is known to have been made from highly durable cells and has quite a long battery life with over 500 recharge cycles. 

The overall battery kit by E Egoway is not only designed to consume low power but it has been tested strictly to ensure there are no overcharge or discharge issues while using the battery. It’s also RoHS certified which is sure to give credibility to the product itself. 

The company also providers an 18-month warranty on the battery and has a one-month return guarantee. We admire products that come with a credible warranty. 

Compatible with:  

  • Apple’s 13 inch MacBook Air A1466 (Mid 2012, Mid 2013, Early 2014, Early 2015 and 2017 Version)
  • A1369 (Late 2010, Mid 2011 Version), 
  • MacBook Air MC503LL/A, MC504LL/A, MC965LL/A, MC966LL/A, 
  • MacBook Air MD231LL/A, MD232LL/A, MD760LL/A, MD761LL/A, MD760LL/B, MD761LL/B, MJVE2LL/A, MJVG2LL/A

#4. Runpower 

The Runpower battery is again another trustworthy battery in this list. It has a powerful li-polymer 7200mAh battery that’s compatible with most models of MacBook Air. When you buy the Runpower battery you can be worry-free because all their batteries are RoHS-certified for safety. 

The battery’s grade-A cells have a faster charge time and consume lower power when compared to other batteries. The battery also has a long life with over 500 recharge cycles and also has great stability. 

Runpower provides a set of screwdrivers that are useful for installing the battery along with an 18-months warranty on the product. It’s quite sad to see that there isn’t a money-back guarantee here but the company does offer 24×7 customer service support. 

Compatible with:  

  • Apple’s MacBook Air 13 inch A1466 (2017, Early 2015, Early 2014, Mid 2013, Mid 2012)
  • A1369 (Late 2010, Mid 2011 Version)
  • MacBook Air MC503LL/A, MC504LL/A, MC965LL/A, MC966LL/A
  • MacBook Air MD231LL/A, MD232LL/A, MD760LL/A, MD761LL/A, MD760LL/B, MD761LL/B, MJVE2LL/A

#5. Powerwoo

The Powerwoo battery is a li-polymer battery that is known to have advanced components. The advanced components in the battery play a vital role in lowering the power consumption and also giving you a safer experience. 

The battery is a standard 7200mAh battery with around 7.6V. The IC design ensures that there is lower power consumption. The design of the battery and the cells provide a good battery life that’s consistent with the original MacBook Air’s battery. 

The battery’s built-in circuit protection contributes a lot to the safety and stability of the battery.  Powerwoo also offers an 18-month warranty coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Compatible with:  

  • MacBook Air 13 inch A1466 (Mid 2012, Mid 2013, Early 2014, Early 2015, 2017 Version)
  • MacBook Air A1369 (Late 2010, Mid 2011 Version)
  • MacBook Air MC503LL/A, MC504LL/A, MC965LL/A, MC966LL/A
  • MacBook Air MD231LL/A, MD232LL/A, MD760LL/A, MD761LL/A, MD760LL/B, MD761LL/B
  • MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A, MJVG2LL/A.

Best MacBook Air 11 inch Battery Replacement

Let us now check out some of the finest MacBook Air 11-inch battery replacement options that we’ve tried so far. Have a look at the reviews right away!

#1. Ninjabatt

Ninjabatt is a trusted brand that is a pioneer in producing reliable laptop batteries. This battery is a premium li-polymer that has around 5100mAh and has a true charge capacity. It’s made using premium cells and high-grade materials. 

The battery also comes with two screwdrivers to help with the installation and is packed with safety features. The 500 recharge cycles can provide a good life for the battery and it’s heavily tested and certified to avoid any overcharge, overload, or overheating problems. 

Ninjabatt also provides a 12-month warranty on its battery to ensure that customers can always have a reliable product. 

Compatible with:  

  • MacBook Air 11″ MC969LL/A, MC969CH, MC969CH/A, MC968CH/A,
  • MacBook Air MD224LL/A, MD712LL/A, MD845LL/A, MD214LL/A,MD224J/A, MD224X/A, MD711CH/A, MD711E/A, MD711ZP/A, MD712, MD712CH/A, MD712ZP/A, 020-8084-01, 020-8084-A,, MD223B/A, MD223D/A, MD223F/A, MD223K/A, MD223N/A, MD223X/A, MD224B/A, MD224D/A, MD224F/A, MD224K/A, MD711TA/A,
  • MacBook Air MF067LL/A, 020-7376-A, 020-7377-A, 661-6068, 
  • MacBook Air MJVP2LL/A,

#2. Temark 

Batteries produced by Temark are known to have high-grade cells and are RoHS certified. These batteries are tested to show brute power and still stay stable through it all. Temark provides reliable batteries that have around 500 recharge cycles that hold up to its true charge. 

It’s not only a quality product but it’s also easy to install as it comes with two compatible screwdrivers. A battery replacement kit is a great option for someone who’s looking to use a reliable battery. 

Compatible with:  

  • MacBook Air 11” A1465
  • MacBook Air A1370 (Mid 2011, 2012, 2013, Early 2014, 2015 Version),
  • MacBook Air MC968 
  • MacBook Air MD223 MD711 020-7376-A 020-7377-A


E Egoway produces high-quality durable batteries that stand to the true test of compatibility when compared to the standard batteries. The li-polymer battery is a 5200mAh battery that has a voltage of 7.6V. 

The battery is tested and RoHS certified. It’s also safe as it does not have any overheating, overcharging, or short circuit problems. The IC design contributes to its low power consumption and it also comes with a direct warranty from the manufacturer. 

If you’re looking for a battery that provides a good warranty like the E Egoway which comes with a 12-month warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, then this is definitely for you. 

Compatible with:  

  • Macbook Air A1370 (only for Mid 2011 version)
  • Macbook Air A1465 (Mid 2012, Mid 2013, Early 2014, Early 2015 version)
  • Macbook Air A1406, A1495

#4. E Egoway

This is another battery from E Egoway that’s compatible with most models of MacBook Air with an 11-inch screen. The batteries produced by E Egoway are trusted to be credible, safe, durable, and powerful batteries. 

This specific battery has over 500 recharge cycles that give your battery a long life, similar to the original MacBook Air’s battery. The company also has stringent testing measures and RoHS certifications that back up the powerful battery. 

Like all E Egoway batteries, this battery also comes with a 12-month warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Compatible with: 

  • Macbook air A1406
  • Macbook Air A1495
  • Macbook Air A1370 (only for Mid 2011 version)
  • Macbook Air A1465 (Mid 2012, Mid 2013, Early 2014, Early 2015 version)

#5. Powerwoo

This li-polymer battery consists of 4 cells that provide a 5200mAh charge capacity. The battery comes with a set of screwdrivers that are compatible with your MacBook Air and ensure that you can replace your battery easily. 

The battery is not only RoHS certified but it’s known to have an effective keep holding capacity along with its long battery life of over 500 recharge cycles. The battery itself is new and does not have any exhibit any overcharge, overheat, or short circuit problems. 

The battery also comes with a 12-month warranty and performs as good as the original battery. The company also provides prompt customer service and ensures that customers can always reach them when they need it. 

Compatible with: 

  • MacBook Air 11” A1465 (Mid 2011, 2012, 2013, Early 2014 and 2015)

Which MacBook Air Battery Did You Buy?

Purchasing a laptop battery is a crucial decision and is quite a big investment considering how much time we spend with our MacBooks. These batteries in this list have been tried and tested and have stood out as the best MacBook Air replacement batteries. 

Our favorites are the two batteries provided by Powerwoo. The Powerwoo batteries are not only high-grade li-polymer batteries that have a long-lasting life, but they’re also a trusted brand that provides a great warranty on the products.

Powerwoo is a pioneer in producing high-quality batteries for your MacBook Air. They also provide reliable customer service support in case you have any issues with the product.

Let us know which battery is going to be your choice and also, why. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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