There’s nothing more annoying than a cracked phone screen. There are a plethora of products for replacing your iPhone 6s’ screen, but it can be hard to choose the right one. Finding the right screen replacement is crucial for your iPhone 6s. You can always go down to the Apple Store and get it done. However, that would just mean spending more money. 

We had reviewed the best iPhone 11 screen replacement kits in the past and today, we’re going to review the best iPhone 6s screen replacement. With rigorous research and testing, we’ve complied a list of fines screen replacement kits for your iPhone 6s. 

To ensure that you can find the right screen for your iPhone model, we’ve divided it into two categories – one for black color iPhone 6s and the other for a white color iPhone 6s. 

Best iPhone 6s Screen Replacement for Black Color Model

Check out these top 5 iPhone 6s screen replacements for iPhone 6s black colored model. 

#1. Drscreen

This iPhone 6s kit comes with a 3 pronged pre-assembled front camera, ear speaker, light and other sensors. Good things about this kit is that you can trust the products as they’re all QC double tested. 

It also comes with all the tools that you’ll need to fix your screen. However, the disadvantage with many DIY replacement kits for the iPhone 6s  is that you’ll have to manually transfer the touch ID. 

#3. QTlier

The QTlier replacement kit was quite an easy replacement. They produce good quality screens that have been tested and are amazing to use. 

We’ve tried replacing the screen and we loved how easy and compact the tools were to use. It’s a great choice for someone who wants to solve a dead pixel problem. 

#3. Brinonac

Brinonac is a great choice if you’re looking for a trustworthy product. It’s great how the assembly is not complicated and how all the parts are intact for you to replace. 

The complete repair tool kit and the online video instructions are an added advantage. We noticed that this Brinonac’s assembly video was very simple and it can be of great help for beginners. 

#4. PassionTR

PassionTR’s replacement kit is a unique screen replacement kit that is durable and resistant than the standard iPhone screen. The products from PassionTR can be trusted because every single product is tested before being shipped out. 

It also gives users the assurance that their problems will be resolved in less than 24 hours. We love products that give us this assurance and confidence to trust in their products. 

#5. Guleek

Guleek’s screen replacement kit comes with a durable and resistant screen for your iPhone 6s. It’s a great replacement if your screen is broken, cracked, or has touch responsive issues. 

The replacement kit also comes with a pre-assembled front camera, sensors and a home button. Anyone can repair their broken screen with this comprehensive repair kit. 

If you’re looking for a good iPhone screen replacement kit for your black iPhone, then you’d be better off choosing something from above. Our favorite for iPhone 6s black screen is the PassionTR kit. Not only is it trustworthy, but the assurance that the company gives adds a lot of credibility to the product. 

Best Screen Replacements for iPhone 6s White Color Model

While you’re still here, here are the top 5 replacement kits for your iPhone 6s in white color. 

#1. DIYRepair

DIYRepair has a pre-assembled screen that reduces the risk of messing the small parts like the sensors, speaker, or the primary camera. The company also gives a 6-months warranty with a full refund or replacement guarantee. 

This is one of the first we’ve seen in this products category. DIYRepair also comes with a free tempered glass, a compact set of tools and a high quality professional installation guide to help you replace your screen. 

#2. Diykitpl 

Diykitpl produces high-quality replacement kits that are scratch resistant, strong, and have pre assembled parts. The biggest perk with this DIY kit for your iPhone 6s is that it comes with a lifetime after sale service. This is an impeccable quality assurance. 

Not only is this quality warranty one of a kind, but it’s great if your screen is cracked, broken, non-responsive and so on. It also has a detailed tool kit that can be used to easily replace your screen. 

#3. Yoxinta

Yoxinta is a trustworthy company that has produced some amazing products. Their iPhone 6s replacement kit is a double-tested screen that comes with a good quality tool kit. 

The tools are quite compact and easy to use. If you’re looking for a good quality screen, then this could be a great option. 

#4. FFtopu

FFtopu is a great kit that contains an iPhone 6s screen, repair tools set, and a high quality screen protector. 

You can easily replace any screen whether it’s damaged, cracked, shattered or has issues with the touch. The kit has a good video tutorial to help those who’re new to replacing a screen. 

#5. PassionTR

PassionTR is a premium screen replacement kit that is 100% tested before shipping.This is a great choice for those who want to get a premium product for their iPhone 6s. It works perfectly and can help you replace your old, broken, cracked and even damaged screens. 

The product has been tested for all factors before being shipped which adds a lot of credibility to the product. 

There are many products available online, but it’s crucial to choose the right one that will last a long time and also save you the trip to the Apple Store. We loved DIYRepair screen for iPhone 6s white color model because not only are they offering a premium product but it comes with a lifetime after-service warranty

FAQs on Replacing iPhone 6s Screen

1. How much does it cost to fix an iPhone 6s screen?

If you were to walk into an Apple Store to fix your iPhone 6s screen, you’d be sure to spend somewhere around $129 plus tax. However, if you choose to buy a replacement kit, you can get better quality for as low as $25-$35. 

2. Is iPhone 6 and 6s screen replacement the same?

The replacement of the product depends entirely on the type of phone you’re using. There would be a difference in the product specifications and screen replacement. However, if you were to choose a trusted replacement kit from the above, you’re sure to get it right. 

3. Is it easy to replace the iPhone 6s’ screen?

It might seem a little difficult if you’ve never done it before, however, all the products listed above come with a detailed guide that can definitely help you fix your iPhone 6s screen easily. 

Which iPhone 6s Screen Did You Choose?

We hope you’ve now got enough options to choose from, both for white and black color iPhone 6s models. Feel free to comment below to tell us which screen replacement kit you would choose for your iPhone 6s. We’d love to know if we’ve missed out anything in the above products, if so,  let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile, if your iPhone 6s battery isn’t lasting long, you can check this post to find a perfect battery replacement for your iPhone 6s!

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