There’s nothing more tragic than a broken display screen, right? Especially, when you shell out that much to buy an iPhone 11. Well, there’s an easy fix to a broken display, you can easily go down to the Apple Store and get your screen fixed.

Either way, there are hundreds of trusted iPhone 11 screen replacement kits out there on Amazon or Walmart that can help you do it on your own at home. Not only are they reliable but they can be installed without a hassle. But the question is, how much will that cost you? Let’s find out! 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace iPhone 11 Screen?

Apple Stores charges start from $199 for fixing your broken display. But, we can help you fix your screen for just a fraction of that cost from the comfort of your home, under $60. Yes, you heard that right!

That said, let’s find out the best iPhone 11 replacement screen kits available on Amazon right now.

Best Screen Replacement for iPhone 11

Screen Replacement Compatible for iPhone 11 Screen...
Fixerman for iPhone 11 LCD Screen Replacement 6.1 inch,...
Screen Replacement Compatible for iPhone 11 Screen...
Fixerman for iPhone 11 LCD Screen Replacement 6.1 inch,...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Screen Replacement Compatible for iPhone 11 Screen...
Screen Replacement Compatible for iPhone 11 Screen...
Amazon Prime
Fixerman for iPhone 11 LCD Screen Replacement 6.1 inch,...
Fixerman for iPhone 11 LCD Screen Replacement 6.1 inch,...
Amazon Prime

We’ve collated a list of top 10 screen replacement kits for iPhone 11. Have a glimpse at them and pick the one that suits your requirements and the iPhone 11. 

#1. Tsiofo 

The Tsiofo replacement kit is a reliable kit that can help you easily install a screen with the precision tools provided in the kit. The glass is quite durable and has good color tones. 

What we loved about the screen replacement kit was that it is a great quality screen that is on par with the standard iPhone 11 screen. However, the only downside is that this screen is slightly on the higher end when compared to other products on this list. 

#2. Fixerman

This is another Fixerman screen replacement kit for the iPhone 11 on our list. The screen offered here is quite durable and is very responsive to touch. The kit was as always easy to install along with Fixerman’s guide. 

We really like how it comes complete with a screw pad, waterproof glue and a set of tools to repair the screen. It also gives a repair flowchart which is visually quite helpful when replacing the screen. 

#3. Phone Zone

When it comes to choosing the right screen for your phone, it can be quite frustrating. We’ve checked so many display screens and this one is our personal favorite. Phone Zone’s replacement offers you a high-quality OEM original display screen. 

We loved how the screen has ultra luminance and accuracy in colors. It also supports true tone functionality that enhances the visuals on the screen. It almost feels better than your standard iPhone 11 screen. The installation was quite smooth as the tools they provided in the kit were compact and easy to use. It also fits perfectly without any spaces between the frame and the screen. 

#4. Adorabae 

This product by Adorabae includes an IPS LCD display screen with an ear mesh and a camera holder. If you’re looking for a good iPhone screen then this is definitely for you. We loved how the HDR display came to life when it was connected/. 

The company provides a 12-month warranty which is quite trustworthy. Not only is this a reliable product but it can be easily installed. The screwdriver repair tool kit is a good magnetic kit that helps quite a lot when you’re a newbie to installing a screen on your phone. 

#5. Yplang

Another great screen replacement kit on our list is the Yplang kit. The screen in this kit is a neat high-quality durable LCD screen. Yplang ensured that this kit can be used even by a beginner who wants to change their screen. 

The instruction tutorial is easy to understand and the kit also comes with a magnetic screw map to help you place the right screws in the right places. It can’t get any better than this. They also offer professional assistance around the clock making it easier for people who want to reach out to them. 

#6. Fixerman

The Fixerman screen replacement kit gives you a premium quality screen. What we loved about this kit is that the screen clarity is so good that it can describe the image objects clearer. The kit also comes with a good set of compact tools, adhesives, a guide and a tempered glass to keep your phone safe from any scratches. 

Whether your screen is broken, old, cracked, damaged or even just unusable, you can always get a durable high-quality screen from Fixerman. We definitely think that the Fixerman is a trustworthy product. 

#7. FFtopu

When you’re looking for a premium screen for your iPhone 11, then the FFtopu can be your ideal product. This one’s a great screen that can help when you have a cracked, broken, dead or unresponsive screen. 

We loved how it almost made the phone look brand new when we installed it. All the tools and the entire kit is tested almost 3 times which makes it a trusted product. Although it seemed relatively high, it does look like a good value for money. 

#8. Vanyust

The Vanyust iPhone 11 screen replacement kit is a trustworthy product. The waterproof frame comes with the high quality screen and the set of compact tools does have a premium feel to the kit.

All their screen replacement kits are tested more than once before they’re shipped which is quite a good news. It’s relatively a little lower when you compare it to the other premium LCD screens in this list, so that’s a relief. 

#9. Ace Tech

The Ace Tech screen replacement kit is by far the only product that offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This is extremely good when compared to a low pricing of the product. The premium LCD screen is really responsive and has a great display.

The screen also comes with a comprehensive tool kit that is reliable and easy to use to replace the screen. They also provide reliable customer service which can be quite good if you have issues while installing the screen.

#10. Bsz4uov Store

The premium 6.1 inch screen offered by Bsz4uov is a great product. We’ve noticed how the color really adjusts to your eyes and has a good feel overall. The LCD screen is also quite responsive to touch and is a much better improvement when compared to the standard iPhone 11’s screen.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy product that has been tested and something that comes with a good set of tools, then this is the kit for you.

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Over to You to Pick the Best iPhone 11 Screen Replacement Kit!

If you’re someone looking for a premium quality screen for your iPhone 11, then you should definitely consider an option from this list. We tested all of them, and even though they’re our top ten, we have a personal favorite.

The premium screen offered by Fixerman is a great product that we loved. There are two products by Fixerman screens on the list, and both are equally good. Not only is it worth its money, but it’s also quite neat in its design and the way it’s put out.

So, do tell us the screen that you’ve chosen in the comments below. Also, let us know if we’ve missed out a good product or if there’s anything else we can add. We’d love to hear what you have to say. 

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