Apple has reached new heights with each new iPhone release event. Not only have they managed to become the pioneers in the industry but they’ve always made quality products. However, there are chances that your iPhone X battery starts acting up or doesn’t hold its full charge. This is when you need to consider a battery replacement for iPhone X. 

You could easily walk into an Apple Store and replace your iPhone X battery, but that would also mean spending a good $100 or may be more depending on your iPhone’s battery.

We can help you do it at your home for a fraction of the cost. And that’s possible with some of the best iPhone X battery replacement kits! At Replacement Expert, we recommend the products based on our rigorous testing. 

Top 10 iPhone X Battery Replacement Kits

Here’s a list of the best iPhone X battery replacement options. We’ve reviewed each one of them so you don’t have to!

#1. LeeVee 

LeeVee has always produced some expert-quality batteries. This kit includes a high-capacity battery that stands at an amazing 3100 mAh.This is a lot more what your original battery offers, which means that you get a longer runtime with this kit. 

It comes complete with adhesives, tools, and instructions to help you. However, what really made this kit stand out among the rest is that it comes with a  5 year warranty.

That’s right, a 5-year warranty! This is an insane service by LeeVee which definitely gives a lot of credibility to the product. 

#2. Shenmz

The Shenmz battery replacement kit gives you a high-capacity Grade A+ battery that has around 20% more power than the standard battery. We’ve tested this battery rigiouraly by driving it to 0 and the screen time was impeccable.

Even though it was strained to drop to 0, it didn’t give up so easily. The multiple protection and the built-in microchip is a great addition for those who don’t want to overcharge their battery.

If you’re looking for a durable battery that’ll last you for a couple of years, then the battery’s 800 cycles can be quite helpful. Besides the standard certifications, this OEM battery also comes with an 18-month warranty.

#3. Lclebm 

The Lclebm battery replacement kit is quite a strong contender in this list. Not only does it have around 20% more power than the standard battery but it also has around 1000 charging cycles.

Many batteries usually have around 800 which are considerably quite good since they last you a good 2 years. In order to get it to its optimal performance, we had to let it burn for up to first three times, which was quite impressive.

Even though we put a lot of strain on the battery, it gave an amazing screen time. This can be quite great if you’re considering a durable battery that lasts for a long time. 

#4. Jemesi

Jemesi’s battery replacement for iPhone X is quite a neat option. We’ve loved how it also offers a high-capacity battery that stands at a good 3380 mAh, considerably much more than the standard iPhone X’s battery. 

The kit also offers professional high-grade tools that are very easy to use to install the battery into your iPhone X. Jemesi also offers a neat 12-month warranty. However, it’s quite disappointing considering that many other companies offer up to a good 2 years. 

We loved the overall performance of the battery. What really stood out for us was that while we used the battery the draining wasn’t as steep as we initially expected but it was quite steady. Overall, it’s a good choice. 

#5. Deji

Another amazing product on our list is the Deji High Capacity Battery Replacement Kit. This is a worthy champion in the industry because it stands strong at 3060 mAh. This is 340 mAh more than your standard battery.

Deji’s kit comes with a complete set of tools to help you replace the battery by yourself. There’s more, it gives you a battery that’s FCC, CE, and RoHS certified. It also comes with an amazing 24 months long jumbo warranty.

Considering that many of Apple’s batteries last 18 – 24 hours, it’s a huge thing to have a 2-year warranty. We’ve tried out the battery and we’ve noticed that it also works quite good even after the first few months. 

#6. Hdkcu

The HDKCU is one of the more upper-end battery replacement kits that offers a 2900 mAh battery. This is quite better than the standard 2720 mAh offered by your original iPhone X’s battery.  When it comes to durable batteries, this replacement kit is bound to make it into the top.

We loved how this zero cycle battery can reach its optimal performance right after the first three charge cycles. It’s quite impressive. The microchip does add a lot of zest to the whole deal as it prevents overcharging or draining. 

What really stood out for us in this kit was how detailed and simple the instructions were to replace the battery and the whopping 24-month warranty. It’s much better than most batteries out there. 

#7. oGoDeal

oGoDeal’s is an affordable choice when you consider many other batteries out there. The battery has equal power to that of your standard iPhone X’s battery which was rather disappointing but the charge cycles are notably worthy for a long-lasting experience. 

The complete set of tools and instructions make it a breeze to install the battery and the waterproof strip is a great addition. We truly loved that the battery didn’t take long to reach its optimal performance. 

#8. Imilitis

The Imilitis replacement kit comes complete with a high-capacity Li-ion 0 cycle battery. Not only did this battery give its optimal performance in just a few full charge cycles, but it also has a greater duration. 

The battery, however, has a normal power similar to the standard iPhone X’s battery. Although, it has over 800 charge cycles that can last for a good 18-24 months, which is quite impressive. 

#9. Cell4Less

The Cell4Less is a slightly better option for those who want an affordable replacement. We found that the battery has the same power as the standard iPhone X’s battery, however, the way the company made the instruction guide was quite impressive.

The replacement tools are compact and are easy to use. The company also offers a 2-year warranty in case you might face any issues with the battery.

We tried out our standard strain test on the battery and it worked amazingly well. It was more than what we expected it to withstand. 

#10. Spwomygd

While the product’s company might be a mouthful to pronounce, they definitely know their way around their batteries. This is a revolutionary super high capacity battery that gives you up to 25% more than the standard iPhone X’s battery. Other than the fact that this has Grade A+++ cells, the extra 580 mAh is an icing on the cake. 

The kit comes complete with compact tools, a brand new zero cycle battery that has the FCC, CE, and the RoHS certification. It also includes a step-by-step guide that can make it really easy to install the battery yourself. 

We’ve loved how smooth the usage of the battery is and how it can give you quite a lasting charge in one go. It also comes with a 3-year warranty that ticks all the boxes for impeccable service. 

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Closing Thoughts

These are some great options for those who want to be a little more hands-on and replace the battery for a cheaper price. We’ve tried and tested few of these batteries and our favorite is definitely the Spwomygd kit. This is a great choice for those who want a longer battery backup. The 25% extra power and the 3-year warranty is quite a great offering from the manufacturer.

We’d love to know which battery you’re going to pick for your iPhone X. You can also let us know if we’ve missed out any noteworthy replacement kits. Do ask us if you have any questions, we’d love to answer any of your concerns. 

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